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There are many different ways in which we would be greatly appreciative of assistance.


Membership of the Nottinghamshire 4X4 Response group is open to anyone willing to volunteer their time to help. You don't need to be an expert off road driver or even own a 4x4, there are a number of roles behind the scenes supporting and developing the group. Anyone can make a difference.


Membership to Nottinghamshire 4x4 Response carries a small membership fee and subject to passing a DBS check.



Heres what some of our team have to say



Our responders come from all walks of live with differing skill sets united by a willingness to help others. They are all experienced 4x4 drivers with access to a 4x4. We have a wide range of 4x4s so you don't need to have a highly modified winch challenge truck as different types of 4x4's have different capabilities. You don't even need to be the best driver as we would train you how to drive in the most difficult scenarios.


Meet one of our responders:

Name: Danny 

How do you support the group:
I joined the group after a close family member relied on carers coming to visit. I like to think I'm helping somoene else's family by being part of this group. It's people like this who suffer the most in situations like bad weather but the ones that are most often overlooked. My role as a responder generally takes me out side of most peoples comfort zone heading out in all sorts of weather conditions helping the people who help other's.


If you would rather take shelter from the elements we run a team to answer the phones 24/7 to get the information from our customers and pass that information onto the responders. You would be tracking the movements of the responders whilst they are out assisting others to ensure their safety and be at the end of the phone they require any support. You dont need a 4x4 all you would need is a phone and a computer. We would provide all the training nessasary to perform the role.


Meet one of our controllers:

Name: Adele
Occupation: Senior Care Assistant

How do you support the group:
I joined Notts 4x4 Response around 2 years ago after getting to know some of the members where my partner is a responder. I have now become part of the controller team taking calls from various agencies at all hours. I then arrange for the most appropriate responder to assist. The support the group offers for other people and agencies is brilliant and the fact that everyone is a volunteer with a normal daily job makes it all the better. The stuff this group can do never stops amazing me.



If you don't have a 4x4 or don't feel the controller role is for you we could always use supporting members helping behind the scenes. if you have a set of skills that you feel would benefit the group please get in touch. There are a lot of different activities that go on behind the scenes to keep the group running.


Meet one of our support team:

Name: Adrian
Occupation: Field Service Engineer

How do you support the group:
I joined Notts 4x4 Response 4 years ago as a responder. My wife is a senior carer and during bad weather my wife and her colleagues would sruggle to get to and from work. As driving in bad weather dosen't bother me i would ferry them into work and back home later, this prompted me to looking for a group that offers a similar kind of thing (after all theres a group for most things now days) and came across Notts 4x4 Response, i haven't looked back since and find it very rewarding. Since joining i moved out of the Nottingham area but opted to remain a member as the group is like family. I now help and support the group by looking after the IT systems including email, website and the dispatch systems. I am also one of the team of controllers and train all of the controllers on how to perform their duties.


For more information on how to join please come along to one of our monthly members meetings as seen on the Events page. speak to one of our team members or by emailing our group membership secretary on the below address and we will get back to you.



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